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RAID: World War II requires each raid team to have four characters. Characters are created by players and can have one of four classes and one of four nationalities (the latter choice is purely cosmetic). Characters are customized by selecting a class that gives them unique abilities and bonuses in killing Nazis. Every class also has access to Proficiencies, the Sten MkII and M1 carbine.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Class Health Speed Stamina Weapon War Cry
Recon 80 59 72 Springfield M1903 rifle Sharpshooter

Activates aim assist

Increases team ranged damage

Regen on kill [Sniper only]

Assault 100 54 66 BAR heavy rifle Berserk

Reduces ammo consumption

Instantly heals the entire team

Insurgent 85 59 60 M12 shotgun Untouchable

Reduces chance to receive damage from incoming bullets

Increases team movement speed

Demolitions 90 57 66 M12 shotgun
BAR heavy rifle

Grenades explode multiple times and you gain extra grenades

Increases team damage resistance

Nationalities[edit | edit source]

  • Wolfgang, a deserter from the Waffen-SS.
  • Stirling, a renegade British Blammo Para.
  • Rivet, a gangster from Chicago turned raider.
  • Kurgan, a shell-shocked Soviet marine without a face.