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RAID: World War II features raids and operations inspired by famous operations and locales in World War II. These includes Raids, Outlaw Raids, and Operations. An unique feature of RAID missions is randomization. Depending on the will of the gods (or the random number generator), you might run into a train carrying gold looted by the Nazis, allowing you to loot it and secure funds for further operations and retirement.

Raids[edit | edit source]

Operation Overview Length Stealth
Destroy the Odin airship and assassinate Dr Maximilian Reinhardt, a key figure of the SS Special Weapons program. Long Yes
Eliminate a Waffen-SS anti-partisan unit, retaliating for their destruction of a local village. Short Yes
Derail a train carrying war spoils from the Eastern Front and take the gold for yourself. Medium No
Destroy a depot filled with King Tiger tanks. Medium Yes
Steal a train cart containing the Amber Room - six tons of priceless amber and gold. Medium Yes
Ambush the German convoy and kill Adolf Hitler's personal sommelier - Herr Carnot. Short No
Breach into a heavily fortified bunker and save the well known 588th Bomber Squadron - The Night Witches. Long No
Infiltrate Schloss Blomberg, kill the 2 captured Russian Generals and recover any intel the Nazis have on the upcoming summer offensive. Long No
With the assistance of Sabre Squadron, blast your way into the Treasury vault and steal all the gold you can. Medium No
Rescue Franz Lange, one of the Resistances' top code-breaker from a radio camp outside Kassel. Long Yes
Extract 2 agents from an airfield and secure top-secret plans for a new German Jet Fighter aircraft. Medium Yes
Countdown With the help of former Nazi Scientist Wernher Bachman, infiltrate Bauvorhaben 20 and destroy the Nazis' latest toy - the V2 Rocket. Long No

Outlaw Raids[edit | edit source]

Outlaw Raids are unsanctioned by Mrs. White or Control. All loot liberated from these raids are for the players to keep as currency to upgrade their camps. The only way to unlock them is by finding Intel in different raids.

Operation Overview Length Stealth
Rogues Gallery Hitler wishes to get some paintings for his own collection in a gallery in Berlin. Secure them first before Hitler "retrieves" the paintings. Short Yes
Ambush a convoy containing many gold bars. Secure as much as you can. Short No

Operations[edit | edit source]

Operations span across multiple missions and locations.

Operation Overview Length Stealth
Spanning across 4 missions, the RAID gang would have to locate a Resistance spy and retrieve his intel on a gathering of high ranking SS officers. 4 raids ?
Spanning across 6 missions, The Nazis are in development of a secret technology, codenamed : Heimdall. Uncover the secrets of this technology and make sure the Nazis can't use it in the war. 6 raids Yes